Workers mistake woman’s corpse for April Fools’ Prank


61-year-old Ronald Benjamin is a desk clerk of an apartment complex in Florida, he made a terrible mistake that he threw a corpse into the dustbin on April Fools’ Day.

Benjamin saw the corpse at 4:30 am during the break, but he felt that it was a fake so he persuaded two newsmen to help him to throw the corpse into a dustbin at 6:30 am, even Benjamin’s colleague was faked. This farce ended until the maintenance worker found the body at 8:00 am. The corpse was proved to be a 96-year-old woman living there, she jumped off the building and killed himself in the middle of the night. Benjamin was surprised by the truth, he swear to God, the body face really looked like a rubber mask or he would call the police at first time.

Benjamin will not be prosecuted, because detectives believed that he really mistook the woman’s body for a dummy, but he had to leave his job of nine years.

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