Woman hides in man’s closet for a year


The world is so big that nothing is to be surprised at, but this story is really too bizarre to be believed. In 2008, a man in Japan was surprised to find that his food always disappeared strangely in the kitchen, after several times, he decided to install some surveillance cameras in his home, then one camera caught someone moving in his room. At first, he thought that was a thief, so he immediately reported to the police, but when the police arrived, they found the door and the windows were all locked well, so they began searching the whole house, and then found a woman was huddled up in the closet. According to the woman, she is homeless and she moved to the house one year ago, she used the toilet and shower but didn’t steal any money or items, the closet was designed for storing bedding but was rarely used, obviously it is better than the bridge opening.

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