Wide face men more likely to be bad

Wide face men more likely to be bad

Psychologist Cheryl McCormick at Brock University in Canada made a test on 150 men, the result has shown that 20 percent of the subjects tried to cheat in dice games and they have a common feature “wide face”.

According to the study, Wide Face Men have these feature:

1. They have greater ambition and antisocial tendency;

2. They are very aggressive, violent and opinionated, they may even hurt their subordinates or coworkers;

3. They also don’t care about social attitudes;

4.Usually they have higher social status, they are ruthless and more likely to become excellent enterpriser or statesman.

Previous studies by American researchers have pointed out that the man with a wide face are more likely to tell lies. A man with a narrow face is more worthy of trust or depended on.

Is this a faceism?

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