Twenty-three interesting facts about Canada

canada immigrant

17. Canada is an immigration country, almost half Canadians are not born in Canada.

18. Canadians like to watch TV,  128,000 Canadian families have TV in their bathroom.

19. Since 1969, Canada Post cancelled the service on Saturday.

20. When you are released from Alberta prison in Canada, you will be given a handgun and a horse, this law is still active today.

Sourtoe Challenge

21. When you visit Dawson City, Canada, you can try the Sourtoe Challenge – drink the cocktail and lap a pickled toe in the cocktail.

Terry Fox

22. Forget Justin Bieber, a 21-year-old, one-leg Canadian boy Terry Fox had run across the country to raise funds for cancer research, young hero.

polar bear chase human

23. 67% of the world’s Polar Bear live in Canada, the license plate in Nunavut is in the shape of a polar bear. In Churchill Canada, residents leave their cars or houses unlocked, so some unlucky guys can escape from a hungry polar bear.

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