Twenty-three interesting facts about Canada

The Hotel de Glace

10. The Hotel de Glace, also known as Quebec Ice Hotel is the only ice hotel in Canada or North America, it is all made of snow and ice, very beautiful and expensive, it will melt away and must be rebuilt every year, according to statistics, it will take about 12, 000,000 kg of snow and 400,000 kg of ice to rebuild the hotel.

11. Canada is the longest coastline country in the world, it is about 125,567 miles long.

James Naismith

12. Basketball was invented by Canadian-American James Naismith.

canada bill

13. The head of state of Canada is still the British monarch – Queen Elizabeth II, who is still on the Canadian currency.

ramparts in Quebec City

14. Quebec City is the only city which retains the ramparts today in North America, it already became a World Heritage site.

Sexual openness Canadian

15. A survey shows 8% of Canadians have had sex in a canoe, 22% people have played threesome, averagely a Canadian would have sex with 12 people in a lifetime. Another survey shows 87% Canadians are happy.

cold canada

16. The lowest temperature on the planet was recorded in Canada in 1957, it is -63C.

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