Twelve interesting facts about Saudi Arabia

 Mecca and Medina

1. Two holy places of Islam in Saudi Arabia are Mecca and Medina, Non-Muslims are prohibited from getting there.

women can't drive

2.  In Saudi Arabia, women are banned from driving since 2011, women can’t vote or run in the local elections until 2015.

3. Interestingly, sorcery or magic is banned in Saudi Arabia, there is a special a police department constituted to catch those witches. And that’s why Harry Potter is banned in Saudi Arabia.

cheap oil

4. A liter of oil is even cheaper than a liter of potable water in Saudi Arabia.


5. Saudi Arabia has no perennial lakes or rivers, most rivers are ephemeral or intermittent, but Saudi Arabia produces the most amount of desalinated water in the world,  46% of its domestic water is desalinated water.

6. Saudi Arabia provides free public health care and free public schools.

2 thoughts on “Twelve interesting facts about Saudi Arabia

  1. Fact #2 isn’t right, women do have jobs o_O the male workers are the ones who got banned from working in shopping malls LOL. and the driving banned didn’t occur until 2011, past that there wasn’t any law against it (for a political reasons not religious, to give the western countries something to keep them occupied :P). Fact #3 isn’t true also, considering Saudi arabia is located between the Red Sea and the Arabian gulf, The word “Sha’eb شعيب” means River and in english it was translated by the same word “Sha’eb” and yeah there’s about 163 Sha’eb as far as i know

    • Thanks for your help, I have searched more sources and fixed the two facts.
      Warm Regards!!

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