Twelve interesting facts about gold you didn’t know

Olympic gold medals

7. 1912 was the last year of making Olympic gold medals with pure gold, now the Olympic gold medals are only plated with gold.


8. Gold is one of the world’s heaviest metals, the density of gold is very high, about 19.3kg/m3, it is about twice as heavy as the same volume of silver, lead, tin.

9. South Africa is the biggest producer of gold. In 1970, South Africa’s gold output accounted for more than two-thirds of global output.

Greeks gold

10. Gold is so beautiful and scarce. Early Greeks believed that gold is the conjugate of sunlight with water.


11. If you were a Dubai resident and can lose 2kg weight in one month, you can gain two grams of gold.

12. I said people are crazy with gold, so someone invited Gold FacialGold Toilet Paper and Gold Poop.

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