Twelve interesting facts about Ecuador

rights of nature

1. Ecuador was the first nation in the world to give rights to nature in their Constitution in 2008.


2. Ecuador’s capital Quito has a temperate climate, it is one of the places where has the smallest temperature difference in the world, also has a reputation as the “Land of Eternal Spring”.


3. Ecuatorianos like guinea pig meat, baked guinea pig meat is the typical food in Ecuador.

4. Majority of the balsa wood in the world comes from Ecuador.

birds of ecuador

5. There are 1,600 different species of birds living in Ecuador, which accounts for 15 percent of the total number of the world, and 6,000 different species of butterfly.

Ecuador tourism

6. All countries’ citizens can visa-free enter to Ecuador for 90 days. This policy is made for tourism.

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