Twelve interesting chocolate facts

 Chocolate Bomb

7. During World War II, German agents had designed Chocolate Bomb, steel bomb was disguised in a piece of chocolate, the bomb would explode seven seconds after the chocolate was broken off.

8. According to research, eating chocolate will neither cause acne nor make the acne worse.


9. After the fourth time Columbus visited the Americas in 1502, he brought cocoa beans to Spain, so Europeans got the chance meeting with cocoa beans. Maybe this is his second greatest contribution.

Le Madeline au Truffle

10. Le Madeline au Truffle was the world’s most expensive chocolate,  it sells at the price of $250 per shot, its designer and producer was the best known chocolatier Fritz Knipschildt.

Chocolate is good for teeth

11. This fact may sound weird, but scientists have proven that Chocolate is good for teeth, it also can improve your IQ.

chocolate is love

12. Dark chocolate can transform into a neural stimulant in our body, when we fell in love our body secreted the same thing, maybe this is why chocolate is a symbol of love.

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