Top ten interesting facts about Puerto Rico you should know

Puerto Rico emblem

1. The official name of Puerto Rico is the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, it is not a country but a commonwealth territory of the United States, the capital is San Juan, it has independent flag and emblem.


2. Puerto Rico is an island country located in the Caribbean. It was discovered by Columbus and claimed by Spain in 1493.

Spanish-American War

3. The Spanish-American War broke out in 1898, Puerto Rico was ceded to the United States after the defeat of Spain.

4. The population of Puerto Rico is about 3.37 million, most residents are descendants of Spanish and Portuguese, the official languages are Spanish and English.


5. Puerto Rico is best known for its rum, Bacardi is the world’s largest rum distillery located in Puerto Rico.


6. Coquí is one of the symbols of Puerto Rico, it is a small tree frog which is native to Puerto Rico, loved by the local people, it gets the name from its clear sweet sound.

astronomical telescope

7. The world’s largest radio astronomical telescope is located in Puerto Rico. It is also one of the scenes of the movie 007 Golden Eye.


8. Puerto Rico has some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, the coast line is over 270 miles, the size, shape and color of these beaches are varies, the white sand dunes in Isabela and the black-sand beach near Punta Santiago will make you love this place.

cock fighting

9. In Puerto Rico, the most popular game is cock fighting, which has a history of several hundred years. It is a very cruel game, but legal in Puerto Rico.

San Juan Cathedral

10. Church is another feature of Old San Juan, the most famous is San Juan Cathedral, it is a beautiful Gothic building, built in 1540, it is a must see historical site if you come here.

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