This man hasn’t bathed in 60 years

This Man Hasn’t Bathed in 60 Years

Do you want to be a super villain making people scared and run away even you still have a 100 meter distance, this guy has a easy method that can teach you. Yes, most of us are lazy, but the last time this 80-year-old Iranian man took a bath he was just a 20-year-old youth. During that time, he met a series accidents and began to believe “cleanliness brings sickness.” The guy not only has a special lifestyle, but also has special taste, he smokes pipe, but what in his pipe are not tobaccos, but animal feces, and his food is rotten dead porcupine, that’s all because of poverty.

So, will you still complain “I have the worst life” or “everyone lives better than me”, remember this guy hasn’t taken a bath in 60 years. However, he set a world record. God bless him with a healthy body!

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