This man builds the first street-legal Batmobile


Because of his enthusiasm for Batman film, 29-year-old man Zac Mihajlovic living in Sydney spent 2 years to build the first street-legal Batmobile in the world with his grandpa’s help.

This 6.2-meter long Batmobile completely reference the original Batmobile used in the 1989 movie Batman. It is known that Zac bought some spare parts of the actual Batmobile used in the movie and began his plan in 2009, his grandfather who is a retired mechanical engineer is certainly his most important supporter, they completed the project in 2010, about 30 % of the parts come from spare parts Zac bought, others are all made by themselves. The car doesn’t have some characteristics of the Batmobile in the movie, such as oil slick dispensers, machine guns and grappling hooks, but it does have a working front turbine and afterburner. Not only that, Zac’s Batmobile has passed the road standard, it becomes the only road-legal Batmobile in the world, that is the most cool thing! So some people tried to pay a high price for this Batmobile, but Zac refused, he had no thought of selling, he prefers that the car is used to do charity work or create pleasant surprises for friends.

Batmobile-Replica-2 Batmobile-Replica-7 Batmobile-Replica-9 Batmobile-Replica-13 Batmobile-Replica-15

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