This kid found the only way to win toy from claw machines

kids in toy machine

If you found a cute baby in a claw-style toy machine, What would be your reaction? On April 14, 2014, a 3-year-old little boy was found trapped in a claw-style toy machine in Lincoln, Nebraska, the boy’s mother found her child was missing at 5:30 pm that afternoon, and then got into a panic, her aberrant behavior attracted the attention of the police, Lincoln City police began to look for the lost child, finally they found the boy in a bowling alley opposite his house, it is known that the child climbed into the machine from the prize door.  The boy didn’t get hurt and got a plush toy after being rescued.  Interestingly, this boy is not only the child who was trapped in the toy machine, it does show that this machine has a powerful magnetizing effect on children.

The boy teaches you how to win a toy from claw style machines effectively.

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