The water cake from Japan

water shingen mochi 1

It is not a water drop or a jelly, although it looks like, it is a real sweet cake that can exists for 30 minutes. This beautiful dessert – mizu (water) shingen mochi actually comes from a traditional Japanese snack – shingen mochi which is made of very soft rice, people used to eat it with soybean powder and brown sugar syrup.

a standard shingen mochi

A standard shingen mochi 

You can see this new Mochi is perfectly transparent, it is known that it is made of water from Southern Japanese Alps. The mochi is very smooth so melts in your mouth, it can hold its shape in thirty minutes, so you can only eat it in two shops in Japan. This completely new mochi gets many good comments and became very popular since it was put into the market in last summer, its unique taste and delicate appearance attracted a lot of fans.

water cake 3 water cake 2

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