The sheep hangs in electric cable


When the Landsnes family from Germany was on their tour of Norwegian coast, they experienced a dramatic moment that they saw a sheep hanging in the electric cable which is 15 feet above the ground and bleating for help. 13-year-old Marita Landsnes was absolutely shocked by what she saw, she took the picture of the entire process with her phone. The sheep was eating grass on the top of the hill at first, when he tried to reach a herd of ewes in the flat field, his horn stuck on the live electric wire, he struggled hard but failed, he slipped down the hill through the wire and stopped in the mid-air at last which put him in a dilemma.Fortunately, after an hour’s ingenious work, this poor sheep was rescued by German tourists luckily.

This may happen one in million, but the sheep would never get close to the wire again, I guess.

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