The most fashionable bird


Jacobin pigeons are not these ordinary birds that occasionally fly into your balcony, you will be amazed how fashionable they are at the sight of them. The feathered hood covers around their neck, which almost entirely hide their little cute head, they probably be the most fashionable bird in the world.

Jacobin pigeons are one of the world’s oldest domestic pigeons, it is said that they are Queen Victoria’s favorite, she spent a lot of effort to preserve excellent variety of Jacobin pigeons, under the careful supervision of the Queen, people raised better varieties.

The appearance of these pigeons are very fancy, but they can never take off the coat they are wearing, the thick “furry collar” block their view and produce incredibly hot around the head, so these beautiful bird don’t fly much, they seem to preferentially walk on the earth like a model. Jacobin pigeons prove that fashionable things are not always comfortable or practical.

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