The ‘country’ built on sunken ship

Principality of Sealand

Principality of Sealand or Sealand for short, is the world’s smallest ‘country’, its suitable habitat area is just approximately 550 square meters, in fact it’s just an old WWII anti-aircraft platform (a sunken ship)near Britain coast. British retired Army Major Paddy Roy Bates occupied the deserted platform and declared independence in 1967.

The country’s independent status was never been recognized by any other country and it only has 4 citizens: Bates, his wife, Prince Roy and Princess Joan.

Although Sealand is so small, it had broken a civil war in 1978. Bit Torrent site The Pirate Bay once tried to buy the ‘country’ in 2007 due to its loose laws and low taxes. Check it out 

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