The American who lives in wildness without money

Daniel Suelo

Daniel Suelo is an unusual American who lives without money in the Utah wilderness cave for 13 years. Suelo is 52 years old now, in 2000, he put $30 what he only had into a phone booth and then went to retire to the desert. Suelo not only threw away all his money, he even threw away his passport and driving license, since then he began to live outdoors, camped in the wilderness or stayed overnight at stranger ‘s home, until  he found a 200-foot-long, 50-foot- high cave on the edge of a cliff. Although he did not have money, he didn’t have to worry about making a living, he could eat some plants in desert or animals killed on road, drink spring water and bathe himself in a stream. His writer friend Mark Sundeen had written a biography of Daniel Suelo entitled The Man Who Quit Money, then Suelo’s lifestyle is known by people, it is also caused a huge controversy in the United States, some Americans envy him very much, but some people considered that his behavior is unbelievable.

Daniel subverts a common sense that you have to have money, he lives without money.

Daniel's possessions

Daniel’s possessions

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