Ten interesting Hinduism facts

Hinduism has million followers


Hinduism is state religion of India originated between 2000 and 1500 BC, read the ten interesting Hinduism facts.


1. Hinduism is considered the 3rd or 4th largest religion in the world, it has one billion followers which is more than Buddhism’s, but Buddhism spreads further.

2. In Hinduism, God has no sex or both male or female, they believe there is only one god, but the god has millions forms, you can choose any form you like to worship the God.

3. Not like other religions, Hinduism doesn’t have a founder(like Jesus, Muhammed), it also doesn’t have a governing body(like Vatican)

4. Besides cow, mouse is also considered holy, because the pet of Ganesh is a mouse.(Ganesh is widely worshiped in Hindu)


5. It is known that Hindus created and practiced the earliest marriage system.

6. The scriptures of Hinduism, Vedas has been kept for more than five thousand years without paper or printing, it was kept by telling and reciting among the people. Amazing.

7. Karma and Reincarnation are the hottest topic in Hinduism, what you did in the past will effect what you have in the future, did good so get good, did bad so get bad, if you suffers a lot in this life that’s because you did lot of bad in the last life, souls are considered immortal.


8.According to Karma, you will get nemesis if you waste food or lend money on interest.

9. River, mountain, temple, food, cow, elephant, peacock, mouse are highly respected in Hinduism, parents and teacher have higher position because they are considered close to God.

10. Believers don’t wear shoes in the Hinduism temples or homes.


11. Hindus practice a healthy life: Doing Yoga, vegetarian diet, shower bath in the morning are all proven good for our health.

12. Some Hindus believe that cow urine can cure disease.

Drinking Cow Urine

13. Chastity is important in Hinduism, some widow are forced to be buried with the dead, the uncivilized custom called “Sati” was abolished until 1920. Luckily this custom is very rare today.


14. Hinduism doesn’t blame pursuing wealth, in fact it encourages pursuing sex, power, money and life, this is different with other major religions.


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