32 interesting and weird facts about human body

Interesting facts about muscular system


22. Human muscle tissue constitutes approximately 40% of human body’s total weight.

23. An adult has about 650 skeletal muscles.


24. It takes only 17 facial muscles to smiles, but 43 muscles to frown. So smile is not only more beautiful than frown, but also easier than frown.

25. The quantity of heat produced by the muscle cells every day is enough to boil 2 pints of water for an hour.


26. The smallest muscles of the human body grow in the ear, called stapes.


27. The strongest muscle of the human body is the tongue.

28. The human cardiac muscle is the only muscle which never stops beating until death.

29. The human body has three types of muscles, they are cardiac muscle, smooth muscle and skeletal muscle.

30. Your hand contains 20 different muscles.


31. There are as many muscles in your body as Arnold Schwarzenegger has, Schwarzenegger’s muscles are just thicker than yours.

32. There are over 30 muscles in your face, they control your facial expressions.

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