32 interesting and weird facts about human body

children grow

Like the universe, there are still many unsolved mysteries in human body, let’s enjoy the ten interesting and weird facts about human body.

1. According to research, in the four seasons of a year, children grow fastest in the spring because of the sunlight and more activities.

2. Your sense of smell is in the resting state when you are sleeping, so you couldn’t smell at that time. I mean in the deep sleeping state, so don’t do any quiz.

color blind

3. In fact, newborn babies’ world is only black and white because they are color blind, this condition last for few weeks. They can choose their favorite color when they are 4 months old.

4. The brain itself has no sense of pain, so it won’t feel pain. Have you seen the Silence of the Lambs?

brain water

5. Water is the major constituent of brain, can account for 80 percent.

6. Although your head hair is longer, but your facial hair’s growth is the fastest of all the hair on your body.

7. The small bowel is the largest internal organ of human body. On average, the length of an adult’s small intestine can be as long as 7 meters.

Women’s hearts

8. Researches show that women’s heartbeats are faster than men’s, because women usually have smaller hearts than men, smaller hearts pump less per beat.

9.  In a very real sense, you can’t make your self laugh because your brain already knows what the tickle is.

10. Everyone has their own unique smell, which is born with, just like everyone’s fingerprint. But identical twins have the same smell.

11. Saliva in our mouth is continuously produced, if collect all the saliva of one man’s mouth during the life time, it could fill two swimming pools.


12. Human’s brain have unlimited potential, you can put five Encyclopedia Britannica in your brain cell.

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