Ten false snapple facts

Snapple tea

Since 2002, tea maker Snapple began to print random “Real facts” on the bottom of bottle caps, but the real fact is that many Snapple facts are not real facts.

man eat spider

1. #31 fact “On average, human will eat eight spiders during the sleep.” This is a quiz appearing on internet in 1993, at that time people trust anything on the internet, there isn’t any study can prove this fact, and I never have diarrhea in the morning.


2. #36 fact “A duck’s quack doesn’t echo”, in fact it does although it’s not distinct.

piece of paper

3. #77 fact “You can’t fold a piece of paper in half more than 7 times.” In fact, a student has folded toilet paper in half for 12 times.

elephant sleeps

4. #35 fact “Elephants only sleep two hours a day.” But according to San Diego Zoo, elephants can sleep morn than seven hours.

Souter Lighthouse

5. #179 fact says the Statue of Liberty was the first electric lighthouse, but in fact it should be Souter Lighthouse.


6. #89 fact tells the average American walks 18,000 steps per day, a serious study shows the number should be 5,116.

Thomas Jefferson

7. #868 fact “Thomas Jefferson invented the coat hanger.” No evidence can prove it.

caller ID

8. #70 fact says “Caller ID is illegal in California.” It’s very easy to find the answer on California Public Utilities Commission’s website.

9. #50 fact claims “Mosquito has 47 teeth.” It’s false as mosquito doesn’t have teeth but a serrated proboscis.


10. #371 fact says ” The most popular fruit in the world is grape.” Such fact is very difficult to verify, but if you really need an exact answer, tomato is better than grape. People produce 141 million tons of tomatoes every year which is more than any fruit. The second popular fruit is banana with 95 million tons output.

Snapple also tells us a real fact.

snapple facts

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