Teenager tattoos McDonald’s receipt on his arm

McDonald’s receipt tattoo

It’s difficult to have the coolest tattoo, so 18-year-old Norway boy Stian Ytterdahl decided to own the stupidest tattoo – he got a tattoo of McDonald’s receipt on his arm.

It turned out that his friends wanted to punish him, because they thought he was a little too active in front of the girls recently, so they asked him to tattoo a Barbie doll on his bottom or a McDonald’s receipt on his arm, he chose the latter. Then Stian received an email from his dad, the father was obviously annoyed, he asked Stian what he had done and told him that his mother had collapsed. But Stian said it was just fun. A McDonald’s spokesman said she felt a thrill when she saw the news, she was happy to own a loyal customer like Stian.

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