love Band-Aid

love Band-Aid

In 1920, Earle Dickson, the employee of Johnson & Johnson invented the Band-Aid, after that, his wife loved him more because she often burned and cut herself while cooking.

Great love story, a man full of love is always full … Read more


Hackers break Hotmail


In 1999, hackers found that they could log into any Hotmail account by using the password ‘eh.’

In 2001, hackers logged their own Hotmail account and found they could use other’s account if they put other’s username into the URL, … Read more


“Hug Me” machine

Coca Cola Hug Machine

“Hug Me” machine, Coca-Cola Company teamed up with Ogilvy&Mather made this Coke machine on which it writes: “Hug Me” in Singapore. You can use your hug to get a can of coke for free.

It’s a funny and creative indeed, … Read more


Millennium Bug

Millennium Bug

The problem of Millennium Bug had affected the test results of Down syndrome, which caused 2 pregnant women to abortion.

Computers are playing an important role in our lives, but also bring trouble to us.… Read more


Stand in cloud

Transparent balcony sears-tower04

Sears Tower was once the the world’s tallest building in 2000, it is located in Chicago. This is the balcony which has high diaphaneity on the one 103rd floor. What is the feeling of standing on? It’s worthy to have … Read more


Super toy car

super toy car

Two little buddies coming from Britain spent £ 250 for a coin-operated children’s toy car, and then they refitted it into a van.

That is nothing! But recently, this car broke the Guinness Book of World Records; the toy car … Read more


Weather stone

Weather Stone

Gary’s weather forecasting stone is a humorous display board that pokes fun at the intricate technology used in modern weather forecasts, as well as the fact that they can’t guarantee absolute accuracy.  Maybe it’s not very exact but must be … Read more


Google car test

google car

An automated car had successfully passed the test by Google. There was only one accident in the process of driving 300,000 miles.  A parking lot fender bender, that happened when a human was driving the car.

Does it mean the … Read more