First faxed photo

First faxed photo

In 1907, Professor Arthur Cohen has successfully created the first commercial fax system, which could transmit photo images to long distant quickly. In the November 8, 1907, the first photo faxed from Paris to London. This 55X75 cm photo of … Read more


Don’t breathe on lens

clean lens

Don’t breathe on your expensive camera lens to fog it for cleaning, the CO2 in your breathe forms carbonic acid which is harmful to your lens coatings.

You can use special tool: lens cleaning fluid, cleaning tissues, blowers and brush, … Read more


Square watermelons

square watermelons

Japanese farmers grow square watermelons inside of square glass boxes, the watermelons have to fit the box when they grow up. They have huge advantage than normal watermelons during transport and can be saved in refrigerator easily, but they are … Read more


Tree shaping

tree shaping 1

People have known how to train trees or woody plants growing to useful or artistic shapes. Common techniques include grafting, framing and pruning which already have developed for centuries.

I love these living trees.

tree shaping 2

tree shaping 3

tree shaping 4

tree shaping 5

 … Read more


Water Bridge

Magdeburg Water Bridge

Magdeburg Water Bridge lies in Magdeburg, Germany, over the Elbe River, it is a bridge which can pass ships, so it is also called “the waterway across the river” by German, it connects two important shipping canals in Germany, Elbe-Havel … Read more