Inaho Light


This impressive interior lighting was called Inaho (means rice ears), designed by hideki yoshimoto and won the LEXUS design award 2013. Inaho can send out golden light, 150mm long and 3mm wide carbon fibre lamp tube makes it look like … Read more


3D printing Oreo cookies

3D printing Oreo cookies

Oreo Company launches 3D printing Oreo cookies. Different from ordinary Oreo, the shapes, sizes, flavors and colors of these 3D printing Oreo cookies are all decided by Twitter users. Oreo created a vending machine called “Trending Vending Machine”, there is … Read more


Lighting dresses

lighting dresses

These luminous gowns derived from laser are created by London photographer Atton Conrad. Conrad captured the trails left by the moving light through long exposure and successfully created these beautiful images which looked so shiny. They must be the the … Read more


Underwater Nightclub

Underwater Nightclub

This Underwater Nightclub in New York is designed by Thinkmodo, the aim is to promote TechnoMarine’s waterproof watches. It is converted from a military training swimming pool. Those custom made breathing helmets allow people to walk, breathe and even talk … Read more


Invisible skyscraper

invisible skyscraper

The South Korean government has just approved the project called “invisible” skyscraper. It will be the first “invisible” skyscraper in the world. This incredible skyscraper was designed by American construction company GDS Architects, it will be located near Incheon International … Read more