Music makes kids more helpfulness

Music makes kids more helpfulness

A British study shows that participating in music courses can improve child’s willingness to help others, cooperation and problem-solving abilities. Through the study of 48 4-year-old children, researchers have found that children participating in music courses prefer to help others, … Read more


Fatter baby has higher IQ


American scientists have studied the intellectual development of 3500 children. Researchers used traditional methods to measure these children’s intelligence, they also measured the brothers and sisters of these children to eliminate irrelevant factors. The result has shown that 7-year-old children’s … Read more


Human comes from clay

clay man

According to the report from “Daily Mail”, biologists from Cornell University USA claimed that human indeed originated from clay. Professor Dan explained that clay’s internal structure is very similar to sponge which makes it easily to absorb water, minerals and … Read more