12 Interesting Facts About Oxygen

  1. What-if-the-world-lost-oxygen-for-5-secondsIn 1771, Swedish pharmacist Carl Wilhelm Scheele discovered oxygen, but Scheele published his finding until six years later, so British chemist Joseph Priestley who discovered oxygen in 1774 got the credit for the discovery.
  1. The earliest photosynthesis formed about 3.5 billion years ago, so there was almost
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Blue strawberry with fish genes

blue strawberry

Scientists are developing a anti-freeze/blue strawberry. Compared with ordinary strawberry, blue strawberry has the capacity of cold resistance, the anti-freeze/blue gene comes from the Arctic Flounder Fish, this species of fish contains a gene which can protect them from being frozen in the Arctic ice cold water, scientists extract this gene and … Read more


Twelve interesting facts about gold you didn’t know


Since ancient times, gold is the symbol of wealth, people are always fascinated with it. Let’s find these interesting gold facts.

1. The word “gold” derives from “Gelo” which is an old English word, means yellow.

gold embroidery thread

2. Gold is very soft by comparison with other metals, it even can be made into embroidery thread.

Gold vending machine

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Einstein’s Banknote

 Einstein's Banknote

In 1952, David Ben-Gurion who was the Israeli prime minister had offered the ceremonial position of president of Israel to Albert Einstein. But this proposal was turned down by Einstein because he didn’t like political. Since 1968, the portrait of Albert Einstein was … Read more


Why do we overthink

Over thinking

80-90% of what you are worrying about will never happen. People are always tend to think too much or pay attention to negative news, why? Researchers found that’s because a temporal lobe named amygdala in our brain, it’s a warning system – find the latent dangers … Read more