In New York, America, there is a special city wonder called Manhattanhenge, sometimes it is called Manhattan Solstice. In the special days, the sun will be in perfect angle to the streets, the sun rises facing the street, so does … Read more


Lesbians island

Lesbos island

Lesbos is the third largest island in the Aegean Sea, Lesvos State, Greece. The name of the island “Lesbos” itself literally means Lesbian Island, the meaning comes from a famous poetess Sappho who comes from Lsebos, and this name attracts … Read more


Trampoline Bridge

Trampoline Bridge

Trampoline Bridge, River Seine, Paris, it is the works of designer Atelier Zündel Cristea, people can cross the river with a cool way– jump. It is assembled by three inflatable components which have diameter of 30 m, needs to fill … Read more


Red lake

red lake

In 2012, Russian photographer Sam Dobson shot a strange sight in Camargue in the south of France. The lake here is blood – red, looks very unbelievable. It attracted a large number of tourists come to visit. In fact, this … Read more


Work somewhere with a view

“The greatest test of courage” office

“The greatest test of courage” office,it is suspended in  an altitude of 2,133 meters above the Alps.

Although the outside of it looks vacillating and staggering, it is very flexible and very safe, just very cramped, only can contain one … Read more