Blue lake

blue lake 1

Gippsland Lake is located in the state of Victoria, Australia. Amazingly, this lake could radiate faint blue fluorescence, even swimmers could be dyed blue. This fluorescence is caused by high density micro-organisms living in the lake, which are called noctiluca … Read more


Mir Diamand Mine

Mir Mine

Mir Mine is a open pit diamond mine in Siberia, it is 525 meters deep and the diameter is 1,200 meters, it’s the world’s 2nd largest excavated hole.

Once a helicopter was sucked in because of the downward air.

The … Read more


Melted valley

Melt valley

The Wave is located in Arizona, United States. The whole valley looks like a large rock chocolate which will melt away. After eons of time of wind erosion, the quartz sandstones here developed wavy patterns surface, various metals in the … Read more


Crooked forest

crooked forest

Crooked Forest is located in Gryfino, Portland. There are about 400 oddly-shaped pine trees which grow with a strange degree in this forest. These pine trees were planted around 1930. How did this happen? Perhaps these trees received human physical … Read more


Water Bridge

Magdeburg Water Bridge

Magdeburg Water Bridge lies in Magdeburg, Germany, over the Elbe River, it is a bridge which can pass ships, so it is also called “the waterway across the river” by German, it connects two important shipping canals in Germany, Elbe-Havel … Read more