Third World Genius

india Genius

If someone whose IQ is over 120 could be called “very superior intelligence person.” China and India totally have 220 million “very superior intelligence person.” It’s close to US’s total population.

In the developing country, there is a huge amount … Read more


Slice cheese&huge cash

double cheeseburger

Through removing the second extra slice of cheese from McDonald’s Double cheeseburger in 2008, this decision saved $278,850,000 for the fast food company one year.

McDonald’s sells about 6.5 million burgers per day, so the huge cost cutting was not … Read more


Dirty paper money

paper dollars contains cocaine residue

One study shows that nearly 90 percent of paper dollars contains cocaine residue. In Canada, this number is 85 percent, ranks second.

But don’t worry, traces of cocaine found on paper currency won’t harm our health.

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