Geometric Cauliflower

 geometric  cauliflower

Pagoda cauliflower is an edible vegetable, also known as Romanesco broccoli, it was first recorded at Italy in the 16th century. You can’t miss pagoda cauliflower if you are a philomath because it was created by talent “geometers”, its inflorescence have the same shape, and they make up the … Read more


Second expensive pen

most expensive pen

This pen is called Mystery Masterpiece which is one of the world’s most expensive writing tools. It is made of platinum, studded with rubies, sapphires, emeralds and 840 diamonds, the total weight of these gems is 20 carats, and the worth of the pen is $ 730,000. This limited … Read more


Happy can brought money

happy teenagers

A survey on more than 10,000 teenagers shows, the happiest teenagers earn 10% more than average salary when they grow up 10 years later, while the unhappiest earn 30% less than average. Because the happier teenagers have higher chance to get college degree, job, promotion and they have … Read more


Amazing birth coincidence

birth coincidence

Michigan, US, woman Barbara Soper has a sweet family, she has 3 kids, they are Chloe born on 08/08/08,  Cameron born on 09/09/09, and Cearra born on 10/10/10.

The family said they didn’t have planed and Cearra and Cameron were born early than expect. It’s an amazing coincidence … Read more


$2.9 million picture

$2.9 million picture

An old photo fetched 2.90 million dollars at Sotheby’s in N.Y in February, 2006. This old landscape photo named Moonrise, taken by U.S. photographer Edward Steichen on Long Island in 1904. Sotheby’s original estimate was only 700 thousand to one million U.S. dollars, but … Read more