World’s biggest bunny

World's biggest bunny

The world’s biggest bunny is 4 years old Ralph. He weights 55 pounds, lives with his owner Pauline Grant in Britain. Ralph eats about $90 worth of food every week, his daily diet includes broccoli, cabbage, cucumber, carrots, corn, apple, watercress, and brown bread. It seems that Ralph becomes the … Read more


World’s largest hip

World's largest hip

An American mother of 4 kids, Mikel Ruffinelli created a weird world record for world’s largest hips. She weights 420 pounds, has an amazing 8ft hips and consumes 3,000 calories a day, but she didn’t want to lose weight. In fact, Ruffinelli is very confident in … Read more


Keyboard monument

Keyboard monument

Russian artist Anatoly Vyatkin created the world’s largest “keyboard” on October, 2005. It is a giant outdoor sculpture, located in Yekaterinburg, Russia. This keyboard monument consisted of 86 stones, each weighed about 1,000 pounds. The the keyboard is 16 by 4 meters. It is also known as … Read more