SWAG, every one is trying to use this stupid word to be cool (90% of them are dumb kids), in fact, it stands for “Secretly we are gay” and created by a underground gay group in 1960’s.

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Sex coins

Sex coins

According to Roman historian Suetonius’ records,spintria was a kind of  Ancient Roman Imperial Coins,  they were used in brothels to pay for prostitutes’ services,  sex scenes were designed on  the surface of the coins, that expressed  its meaning with great … Read more


Bingo facts

bingo games

1.Bingo players below the age of 35 years are 30%.

2.Americans spend 90 million on Bingo cards each week.

3.The total of unique Bingo card variations is  1,474,200.

4.95% Bingo players have won some amount of money.… Read more


God hates shrimp

god hates shrimp

Read the bible you can find god hates shrimp more than homosexuality, it talks about homosexuals twice, and shellfish 8 times. “whatsoever hath not fins and scales ye may not eat; it is unclean unto you.”

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Actor or liar?


Actors were not able to be witness in court of Egypt, their perfect acting could easily dupe the jury and judge, they were considered as professional liars.

In fact, in many countries, actor was not a  decent job  in history.… Read more