Super Kim

Kim Jong Il

In North Korea media, Kim Jong Il (their former chairman) has these titles: Hero from the sky; the Sun of 21 st century; Patron saint of earth; Philosophy master; Extraordinary strategist; Great human veterans; Computer genius; Literary, artistic and architectural … Read more


Dr. Death

Dr. Death

Harold Shipman was a family doctor and also a serial killer in Britain. He was sentenced to life imprisonment for murder 15 patients on January 31, 2000. Then the British government published a survey report said, between 1975 and 1998, … Read more


Burglars symbols

burglars symbols

Is there any similar marking on your house? Manchester burglars use these chalk markings to tell other burglars which target more valuable.

It seems the burglars have huge dissatisfaction toward rich people, else I can’t figure out why they help … Read more


Most failing appeal

most failing appeal

The Oklahoma rapist Darron Bennalford Anderson was sentenced to 2,200 year’s imprisonment in 1994, but he dissatisfied his sentence and appealed, maybe it’s the most failing appeal in history. Finally Anderson created a Guinness World Record entry for “the greatest … Read more