Light Sculptures

Light Sculptures

Japanese artist Makoto Tojiki created these twinkling light sculptures, he uses thousands of beautiful bright LED lights to complete his creation, those small lights which are hanging by filaments form these amazing sculptures. The last sculpture is called hope and Read more


Gummy Bear Candelier

Gummy Bear Chandelier

Artist Kevin Champeny created this beautiful chandelier with a 50 watt florescent bulb and 5000 gummy bears, the soft and sweet chandelier is a limited edition – only 10 was created. Many parents want to buy one for their kids, … Read more


Prickasso’s penis-art

Prickasso's penis-art

Attention,women’s portraits are bigger

60-year-old Australian artist Tim Patch declared that he created a new genre – penis-art. He uses his penis instead of a paintbrush to create his paintings and uses a signature with Prickasso – Picasso is his … Read more


Crooked House

 Crooked House

It’s not Photoshopped, this Crooked House is located in Sopot, Poland. It looks like the building you saw when you are drunk or only appears in distorting mirror. It was designed by architect Szotynscy Zaleski and completed in 2004.Its distinctive … Read more


Match stick sculpture

Match stick sculpture

Croatian artist Tomislav Horvat created a unique sculpture of “Godfather” Don Michael Corleone using 117,000 match sticks, of which 68, 000 match sticks were used to make armchair. He is really a fan of the Godfather series. He spent 19 … Read more


Hand-Carved cave cathedrals

Hand-Carved Cave

These amazing “Cathedral” caves are created by sculptor Ra Paulette, they are all hand-carving caves. Ra Paulette has been guard, farmer, cleaner and even drifter,since 1985, he began to dig magical underground caves in the sandstone in New Mexico, the … Read more


Petroleum paintings

Belarusian artist Ludmila Zhizhenko once worked in an oil company. In 2009, she invented a new painting tech – petroleum painting, it resembles watercolor paints but the pigment is oil. The petroleum painting is elegant, like some old yellow photos … Read more


Beautiful virus models

Visual artist Luke Jerram made out some deadly viruses’ glass sculptures. They are not figments of his imagination. Luke Jerram consulted the virologists at the University of Bristol and spent a lot of time studying scientific photographs and models, then … Read more


Running mustangs sculpture

The Mustangs of Las Colinas

The Mustangs of Las Colinas is an amazing running horse fountain, located in Williams Square in Las Colinas, Texas, designed by artist Robert Glen. It is known as the world’s largest mustangs sculpture. This 1.5 times life-size sculpture was built … Read more


“Paper building”

"Paper building"

This “Paper building” is neither the PS product, nor a strange scenery, it is indeed a residential building located in Shanghai, China. This building is as thick as a brick, even thinner than Flatiron Building  in Manhattan, residents can’t put … Read more


Walkers on the wall

suso33 mural

In Madrid, Spain, visual artist SUSO33 created this large-scale mural on an apartment’s wall. The artist used fast spraying and simple lines to draw a concentration of slightly outlined on the street, created about one hundred abstract human figures with … Read more


Cars in a string

Cars in a string

This pyramid sculpture is named “Rebirth 2013”, located in an abandoned industrial area in Wuhan, China. It is 10 meters tall, formed by 13 scrap cars with different colors. This industrial area is where China produce its first walking tractor, … Read more