Blind Painter

john bramblitt paintings

I can’t believe these amazing paintings come from a blind artist.

John Bramblitt is an unusual Texas artist who lost vision when he was 30-year-old in 2001, since he lived in the darkness, he almost abandoned himself to despair. He … Read more


Self-portrait Pizzas

self-portrait pizzas

A Manchester newly married couple, Kieran and Natasha Morris received a sweet wedding present—their selfie pizzas, which not only brought surprise and warmness to their wedding but also surprised their guests. It is known that these two 13-inch selfie pizzas … Read more


Lighting dresses

lighting dresses

These luminous gowns derived from laser are created by London photographer Atton Conrad. Conrad captured the trails left by the moving light through long exposure and successfully created these beautiful images which looked so shiny. They must be the the … Read more


Clockwork Forest

clockwork forest

In Grizedale, England, there is a magical “Clockwork Forest” – the trees there play music. In October 2011, Forestry Commission launched the project in order to promote the interaction between human and forest, designer Andrew Shoben affixed some giant music … Read more


Sprite Shower

Sprite Shower

I could not believe my eyes, it is a Sprite Shower, nothing is cooler than it in the hot beach at summer. The giant Sprite machines are installed on popular beaches in Brazil and Israel. It is really more refreshing … Read more


Balloons Rain

Artist William Forsythe created the amazing balloons rain in a warehouse in London and Austrian Houses of Parliament. Thousands of white balloons are hanging in the air, fixed by invisible ropes. The visitors will feel like they are in the … Read more


Balloon Dresses

balloon dresses

For most of us, the balloons are only toys or festival decorations, but for Japanese artist Rie Hosokai, balloon is one of the haute couture materials, he can build elaborate, fashionable and elegant dresses.

The artist also suggests don’t inflate … Read more


The Ghosts of World War II

The Ghosts of World War II 6

Russian photographer Sergey Larenkov uses his Photoshop skills to creak these interesting images merging the past and present. He merges two photos from different ages taken in same important location, shows us the scenes during the World War II. Historical … Read more