Amazing Art Flower Girl

Flower girls are created by Malaysian artist Limzy, this is a group of her illustration works. She drew the outline of these beautiful women with watercolors, and then dressed them in elegant flower dresses, she achieved a perfect combination of … Read more


Fantastic Fungi Photos


These amazing plants look like from other planets, but they really live on the earth, this series photographic works is called Fungi–the recyclers, taken by Australian photographer Steve Axford, he spent a lot of time to travel to remote Read more


Beauty and beast photos

beast 1

These fascinating photos are from Russian photographer Katerina Plotnikova, she took these beautiful photos using real animals, that looks dangerous, but don’t worry, there are two professional animal trainer at her side during the course of shooting, so set your … Read more


Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow bridge

The Xiying Rainbow Bridge is located in Penghu County in Taiwan. It is an indescribably beautiful bridge that only allows people to walk on it. The large – scale neon lights bring a dreamlike visual effect to us at night. … Read more


Inaho Light


This impressive interior lighting was called Inaho (means rice ears), designed by hideki yoshimoto and won the LEXUS design award 2013. Inaho can send out golden light, 150mm long and 3mm wide carbon fibre lamp tube makes it look like … Read more


Weird Optical Illusion

Optical Illusion 1

New York artist Aakash Nihalani uses fluorescence color geometric figure on paper board to create weird optical illusion, these creative 3D Street Arts are so weird that most people doubt if they are Photoshoped, the bright and simple lines really … Read more