Sexist gorilla

Sexist gorilla

23-year-old Patrick is a very popular male gorilla in Dallas Zoo, everyone loves him, but in September 2013, he had to be sent to South Carolina and received treatment for sexist attitude after he attacked a female gorilla and laughed … Read more


Orchid mantis

Orchid mantis

Orchid mantis, also named walking flower mantis is one species of the flower mantises, live in the rain forests at Southeast Asia. It can disguise as orchids perfectly, it has amazing coloring and its four legs look like flower petals. … Read more


Puppy looks like hitler

puppy looks like hitler

Patch is a mixed breed pet dog. He lives with his owner Lynda Whitehead in New York. But people call him Adolf now. Because Patch looks like the Nazi leader: Adolf Hitler. Look at Patch, he owns the Fuhrer’s trademark … Read more


Warm my belly

mongooses under the warming lamp

In a British zoo, a photographer took pictures of three mongooses avoiding the cold under a warming lamp. A little mongoose even climbed up the lamp hanger and did some difficult gymnastics movements, that lovely belly.… Read more


Diving pigs


diving pigs

A special pig farm in China, tens of thousands black pigs are forced to do exercises twice every day, each time cost 1.5 hour,their exercise classes include running, diving, swimming,  and they don’t have to stay in pigsty after … Read more