24 Interesting Facts about Elephants


1. Due to ivory trade and the slaughter of elephants, the average tusk size of African/Asia elephants have decreased 50% since the 19th century. Poachers are more like to slaughter dominant male elephants(with bigger tusks), which allows smaller elephants with shorter tusks produce more babies. So the evolution occurred … Read more


Adopted cat becomes good climber


Millie is not an ordinary cat, she is a rock-climbers like his owner Craig Armstrong, they all love rock climbing. Millie is unafraid of steep cliffs, she even could seek the high-ground out and challenge her companion Craig. According to her owner, Millie has all the qualities of … Read more


The most fashionable bird


Jacobin pigeons are not these ordinary birds that occasionally fly into your balcony, you will be amazed how fashionable they are at the sight of them. The feathered hood covers around their neck, which almost entirely hide their little cute head, they probably be the most fashionable bird … Read more


Beauty and beast photos

beast 1

These fascinating photos are from Russian photographer Katerina Plotnikova, she took these beautiful photos using real animals, that looks dangerous, but don’t worry, there are two professional animal trainer at her side during the course of shooting, so set your heart at rest and … Read more