Sweden imports garbage for energy

Sweden runs out of garbage

Sweden, which has more than 9.5 million population, one of the happiest countries is now facing a big problem – lack of garbage. This Scandinavian nation obviously is not anxious about its pollution problem, it does a good job at recycling, only %4 garbage in this nation is land-filled. People are all good at garbage sorting and are used to the electricity supplied by waste-to-energy incineration program, it’s a effective program using 2 million tons of garbage every year. Now Sweden runs out of garbage but want to supply more energy, it has to import 80,000 tons of rubbishes every year from Norway and other countries to fuel its energy program. It’s a win-win trade: Sweden gets energy to keep warm and other countries gets clean space.

I hope more and more countries will begin to import garbage soon after, Sweden is making the world a better place.

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