Sixteen interesting facts about cats you should know

cats in crystal palace

9. In 1871, a cat show was hosted in the Crystal Palace, London. It was the first official cat show, since then the cat show immediately became popular in Europe and other regions.

10. A young cat can be called Kitten, a group of young cats can be called Kindle, Tom means a male cat, Queen or Molly means a female cat, Clowder means a group of fully grown cats.

cat nose

11. Cat’s nose is unique, just like human fingerprints.

12. Siberian tiger is a representative of the cat family, it is the biggest wildcat and the strongest animal.

13. In 2010, a German marries his dying cat.


14. In 2009, a cat was accused for downloading child pornography.


15. Someone trains cats to smuggle in the prison.

16. There is a wine for cats.

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