Sixteen interesting facts about cats you should know

Cats are very popular worldwide, they become our pets and friends since 9500 year ago, here are 16 interesting facts about cats you should know

somnolent cat

1.Cats take almost 70 percent time of a day to sleep. When they are awake, they spent about 30 percent time on personal grooming. It seems that their activity time is really very little. You can imagine cats as somnolent and beautiful girls.

cats and dessert

2. In fact, cats only have 473 taste buds on the tongue while humans have 9,000 taste buds. They don’t like sweet food, because they don’t have sweet taste system and can’t taste sweet.  It’s a pity they can’t enjoy your dessert.


3. A cat named Felicette was sent into space by a rocket in France on October 18, 1963.  Felicette was the first cat accepting such challenge and returned to Earth alive.

cat sounds

4.  Some interesting data show that cats can make over one hundred different sounds, but dogs only have ten. Compared with dogs, cats are more talented in making sounds, except this dog who can say “I love you”.

cat in the night

5. Cat’s vision is quite marvelous and amazing, they can see things 37 meters away, its visual field of each eye is about 150 degrees, and both eyes’ field of vision is more than 200 degrees. Cats have very excellent vision in the dark, they can control the dilation or constriction of their pupils well, so they can distinguish objects under the weak night light and their eyes only need 1/6 that human eyes need.

cat hearing

6. Cat has a good faculty of hearing, they are particularly sensitive to high-frequency sound, they even can hear a lot of sounds that humans cannot hear.

fly cat

7. Cats have amazing jumping ability. It should be accredited to the structure of their bodies, which provide a space for sending the strength. On average, a cat can jump about five times as tall as its height.


8. Persian cat is the world’s favorite cat, they are popular all over the world. Persian cat looks very sweet, and has gorgeous long fur, they have the name of the “Princess”. Siamese cat is following.

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