Buy My Face

buy my face

22-year-old British college students Ross Harper and Ed Moyse have got a creative idea that you can advertise on their faces, yes, they rent out faces, the advertisements can be drawn on their faces with face paint, then they will … Read more


Einstein’s Banknote

 Einstein's Banknote

In 1952, David Ben-Gurion who was the Israeli prime minister had offered the ceremonial position of president of Israel to Albert Einstein. But this proposal was turned down by Einstein because he didn’t like political. Since 1968, the portrait of … Read more


Self-portrait Pizzas

self-portrait pizzas

A Manchester newly married couple, Kieran and Natasha Morris received a sweet wedding present—their selfie pizzas, which not only brought surprise and warmness to their wedding but also surprised their guests. It is known that these two 13-inch selfie pizzas … Read more


Transparent fish

Transparent fish

A New Zealand fisherman Stewart Fraser and his sons discovered a transparent shrimp-like creature in the sea which is 43 miles from the Kitajima Peninsula. It looks very scared sturdy and has a gelatinous body like gelatin. Scientist said it … Read more