Warm my belly

mongooses under the warming lamp

In a British zoo, a photographer took pictures of three mongooses avoiding the cold under a warming lamp. A little mongoose even climbed up the lamp hanger and did some difficult gymnastics movements, that lovely belly.… Read more


“Paper building”

"Paper building"

This “Paper building” is neither the PS product, nor a strange scenery, it is indeed a residential building located in Shanghai, China. This building is as thick as a brick, even thinner than Flatiron Building  in Manhattan, residents can’t put … Read more


Baatara Gorge Waterfall

Baatara gorge waterfall

The Baatara gorge waterfall is located in Tannourine, Lebanon. It drops 255 meters (837ft) into a Jurassic limestone cave. The most spectacular is that it falls behind three natural bridges. Baatara gorge waterfall was discovered by French bio-speleologist Henri Coiffait … Read more


Walkers on the wall

suso33 mural

In Madrid, Spain, visual artist SUSO33 created this large-scale mural on an apartment’s wall. The artist used fast spraying and simple lines to draw a concentration of slightly outlined on the street, created about one hundred abstract human figures with … Read more


Cars in a string

Cars in a string

This pyramid sculpture is named “Rebirth 2013”, located in an abandoned industrial area in Wuhan, China. It is 10 meters tall, formed by 13 scrap cars with different colors. This industrial area is where China produce its first walking tractor, … Read more


Tunnel of Love

Tunnel of Love

Tree tunnel is located in Ukraine. It is two-mile long, covers a part of a railway track. It is reminiscent of The Wizard of Oz, really a beautiful and romantic place. Local people call it “Tunnel of Love”. But ironically, … Read more


End of the World

Bunda Cliffs

Bunda Cliffs is located in Southern Australia, on the edge of Nullarbor Plain which is the largest single piece of limestone in the world. The plain covers 270,000 square km, spreads 1,000 km from east to west, it is horizontally … Read more