Shell Island

shell island 1

Joal-Fadiouth is a small fishing village in Senegal. It is consisted of two lands which are connected by a narrow 400-meter-long wooden bridge, Joal is on the mainland and Fadiouth is a unique island which is full covered with shells. You can hear the sound of shattering shells coming from your feet when you are walking anywhere on the island, the local building walls are filled with sea shells, even the cemetery is made of shells.  For centuries, the islanders have been fishing the mollusks, then left these shells which add more magical color to the island. Maybe the shells bring the peace to the island, because Muslim and Christian can share one cemetery in the island – this is the only one cemetery that can do it in Senegal.

shell walls 1 shell cemetery 3 shell cemetery 2 shell island 2 shell walls 2 shell cemetery 1

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