Buildings made of poker cards


world's tallest poker card Building

World’s tallest poker card building.

Bryan Berg is an American architect, he spends most of his time on building houses, not using reinforced concrete but ordinary poker cards. He is the holder of two Guinness World Records, one is the world’s tallest poker card building which is 7.86m high; the other one is the largest poker card building in the history, which was finished in 44 days, used about 4051 packs of cards, the whole buildings was 10.5m long, 3m high and over 272kg in weight, throughout the process, Bryan Berg didn’t use glue or tape. Perfect creations!

All the visitors are forbidden sneezing when they get close to these buildings.

world's largest poker card Building

World’s largest poker card building.

Other poker card works.

Lexus City poker card

cinderella castle poker card

Lexus City


nyc skyline poker card


Welcome to LasVegas poker card

NYC skyline

Rhode Island State House poker card

Rhode Island State House

The Bravery poker card

The Bravery

Beijing Olympic Village poker card

Beijing Olympic Village

Keycard Hotel poker card


Keycard Hotel

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