Sailing stones move themselves and leave tracks

Stones move themselves

“Sailing Stones” is a mysterious phenomenon in Death Valley National Park. Hundreds of mysterious stones lying on a dried-up lake bed move themselves and left tracks without  human intervention. Some stones weigh up to 700 pounds and some tracks extend as long as a football field – this negated the supposition of strong wind. How the stones move has been a mystery in the sciences for nearly a century.

In June 2013, a NASA scientist Ralph Lorenz speculated the stones could be wrapped in ice in the winter, then the stones gets flouted out of wet soil mixed with melted snow, the ice reduce the friction between the stones and soils, so the stones could easily move themselves by slight breeze. But scientists still haven’t recorded the physical movement of the stones.

Death Valley National Park is a desert valley located in the east of California. It is one of the dangerous views in the world, also the world’s hottest place.

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