Prototype of Shrek

prototype of Shrek 4

The prototype of Shrek is a real person. He is a professional wrestler in America, named Maurice Tillet. Tillet was born in France, his face became very ugly due to acromegaly at the age of 20(the same disease  Andre the Giant and The Big Show have), and he was always being abusive, made him very painful. Then he went to America and became a professional wrestler, also known as “freak ogre of the ring”. On May 1940, Maurice Tillet won the World Heavyweight Champion, recognized by the American Wrestling Association. Tillet died of heart disease in 1954 at the age of 51, before he died, his friend Bobby Managain asked Tillet whether he could make a plaster model of his face, Tillet agreed. After Bobby finished, the plaster model was donated to International Wrestling Hall in Iowa.

prototype of Shrek 3 prototype of Shrek 1 prototype of Shrek 2

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