Preacher makes congregation eat grass

congregation eat grass

I know green vegetable is good for health, but guys, is it necessary to eat green grass directly?

South African Christianity preacher Daniel Lesego launched an “eating grass” movement. He told his congregation that eating grass can “bring them closer to God” and curing their diseases, he claimed anything in the world is edible. His movement received controversial criticisms, but some believers firmly believed their preacher. 27-year-old Doreen Kgatle said that she had a stroke 2 years ago and was unable to walk until she obeyed the pastor’s order and began to eat grass. But most people get sick and vomit.

I don’t know much about religion, and maybe science can’t explain many mysterious phenomena, but I think the leader should make himself as a example – he should eat the grass first. And he also should get Noble Peace Prize as his method will eliminate hunger all over the world, if it works.

congregation eat grass 2


This is Daniel.

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